What to Invest in Today


What To Invest in Today

Welcome to my blog. This is a straightforward website focused on filtering through all the options out there to find what to invest in today. I only post about website and platforms that I actually invest in or through. Click on a category below to start following along as I invest in private equity, loans and real estate. 

POST Categories

Equity investing (stocks, options, private ownership) is one the most well known investment options available and there are tons of sites dedicated to stock picking. Unlike those sites, these posts will explore traditional as well as alternative investing platforms providing investment opportunities with private companies. For example, TD Ameritrade, Robinhood, Fidelity and more.

Debt (loans or fixed income) is a popular investment option for those looking for a predictable stream of income. In my blog, I will explore websites designed for investing in personal and corporate loans. For some, these alternative investing strategies are too risky. However, for those willing to assume a little extra risk, these can be engaging and fun. 

Real estate is one of the oldest and most popular  investment vehicles. Whether investing in properties or through investment funds, real estate can provide steady income and stability. In my posts, I’ll explore some of the alternative investment options for earning income or generating growth through real estate investing. 

Exploring What to Invest In

Hi, I’m Brian. I’m an individual investor with an interest in traditional and alternative investments. I’ve been investing in the stock market, following the latest in business and exploring non-traditional investment for over 20 years. I’m constantly searching for what to invest in on and off Wall St.

To be clear, I am not an expert or formally trained professional. However, I am curious about new ideas and exploring new ways of investing. For me, the excitement of pursuing investments away from the mainstream is a large part of the appeal. I will enjoy some successes and make a few mistakes as I try to figure out what to invest in today. Follow along on my investing journey. Maybe, it will make your journey a little easier. 

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