Our Story

We are passionate about investing. After years of investing through mainstream platforms, we started venturing into alternative investing. We quickly discovered that there are tons of options out there with more being added everyday.

It was almost impossible to go thru all the websites and we felt like most of the "Top 10 ways to invest...yada yada yada" were more or less click bait. We wanted a quick, clear and meaningful evaluation of each opportunity. Something that would save us time and help us pick the best investment for us. Without any options we liked, we created What to Invest in Today (WIT).

Our Approach

We follow a simple process as we use a new platform.

  1. Read through the website material to develop an general understanding of what the website provides. We summarize this in our Overview section.
  2. Next, we create an account. There's no better way to learn the website's features than by actually using the platform. We create an account, fund the account (if required) and actually invest thru the platform.
  3. In our Account Features section we highlight some of the best features and provide screenshots. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?
  4. After playing with the features, we brainstorm on possible "gotchas" that you should be aware of before you use the platform. We are not providing advice or doing an in-depth risk analysis. This is simply our high level opinion of things to watch out for if you are considering using the service.
  5. Finally, we provide our Very Simple Opinion (VSOP). This section is intended to share our opinion. Take it for what it's worth. After all, it's free, so...
  6. We update our posts periodically to let you know how the investment is panning out. We're aiming for quarterly updates, so check back often to see the latest.

Please note: Our posts are not intended to provide any financial advice or solicit investments. This is only our opinion of the platform, services provided and potential risks we see. For more information please see our services page.