Investing in Stocks & Options

A lot of us are investing in stocks. If you have a 401K, 529 plan or IRA, you are, most likely, investing in the equity markets. Most of us think of the DOW, S&P 500 and NASDAQ, but these are just indexes that track select groups of stocks. There are thousands of private companies listed on multiple markets. It’s a crowded industry and typically one for the experts, but there are other options. Alternative equity markets exist to serve startups, pre-IPO companies, and more.

Not surprisingly, there are countless sites dedicate to stock picking, investment strategies and so on. It’s pointless to cover those topics. Instead, I’ll focus on alternative investment opportunities and platforms for buying or trading equity. The posts below cover some of the websites that I’ve explored and invested through. Follow along as I experience some successes and failures in some traditional and alternative equity markets. 

Trading Platforms & Alternative Equity Markets


Are Stocks Bought Thru Robinhood’s App Really Free? A look at Robinhood’s platform and business model. Robinhood – Zero Commission Trading Robinhood is a pioneer is equity trading and opening stock, option and cryptocurrency markets to individual investors. They introduced zero commission trading and changed the industry. Their model forced industry giants like TD Ameritrade,

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Investing Thru EquityZen

How Can I Invest in Pre-IPO Stocks? Exploring EquityZen’s platform giving investors early access to growing companies. EquityZen – Pre-IPO Stocks EquityZen is a relatively new company opening pre-IPO stocks to a larger market. They’ve built a marketplace for owners of stock in private companies who are interested in selling all or some portion of

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