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FOREX & Cryptocurrency Trading

Most people know about cryptocurrencies like BITCOIN, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. However, the digital currencies and ways to buy and sell them remain a mystery to many. Here, I’ll walk you through some of the currency trading platforms focused on trading these digital currencies.

Also, this section will include posts covering FOREX (foreign exchange) currency trading platforms. 

FOREX trading is far more popular and utilized among major traders, companies and banks. Unlike cryptocurrencies, FOREX trading involves the exchange of sovereign currencies from multiple countries. 

Foreign currency trading is a huge market that is essential to many business and government transactions.

Added bonus, it provides a market for small investors to speculate on the movement of currencies in relation to each other. 

Whether you’re interested in trading cryptocurrencies or FOREX, there are plenty of platforms offering access to these markets. Self-directed IRAs and Bitcoin IRAs are a great way to invest in cryptocurrencies while also enjoying tax deferred benefits. You can also hone your trading skills through training and market insights from crypto experts

In my posts, I’ll walk through creating accounts, funding your account and features available on each platform. Follow along as I make investments in various currencies. 

Currency Trading Platforms


FOREX Trading on FOREX.com: A look at the Standard Trading Account features and trading process FOREX Trading on a Simple Platform A quick FOREX, or foreign exchange, google search will return FOREX.com at the top of the list, sure that’s purposeful on FOREX.com’s part. So, since they’ve put in so much work to be the

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