Fixed Income Alternative Investments

Most people are familiar with traditional fixed income investments – bonds, CDs, money markets, etc. Fixed income alternative investments are a growing segment of the debt investment industry. These are primarily focused on personal peer to peer lending, but there are alternatives for small business and startup debt as well. 

Debt and Fixed Income Investing

The posts below cover some of the websites that I’ve explored and invested through. Follow along as I experience some successes and failures in alternative fixed income markets. 

Alternative Fixed Income Investments


StreetShares Business Loans: The platform offering investors an easy 5% return StreetShares Small Business Loans StreetShares is a unique concept built around providing loans to small businesses. The idea is that individual investors can support local, in most cases, veteran run businesses as they grow. The concept is pretty simple and similar to peer to

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Is investing LendingClub a worthy investment? A look at LendingClub, their process and one investor’s experience. LendingClub Overview LendingClub and peer-to-peer lending has been maturing over the past couple of decades. Over that time, private lending became a viable market for individuals to receive unsecured loans outside the traditional banking industry. Additionally, private investors are

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