Real Estate Investments

Investing in real estate is obviously different than investing in stocks, options or bonds. Commercial and residential real estate both require large capital investments and long investment horizons. That puts it out of reach for most of us. But, there are several startups trying to change that. 

Most of us think of real estate investing as buying multiple homes or large buildings, but alternative investments are making investing in real estate easier and at a lower cost. While most are focused on commercial real estate some are available for single family homes and other real estate.

Real estate investing

The posts below cover some of the websites that I’ve explored and invested through. Follow along as I experience some successes and failures in some alternative real estate markets. 


Investing in Real Estate Through a DiversyFund Private REIT: A look at the platform and process. Invest like a millionaire… on a budget. Now anyone can invest in apartment complexes for as little as $500. Start building you wealth! DiversyFund’s Private REIT Unlike Fundrise’s eREITs, DiversyFund and their private REIT have been operating for only

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Are Fundrise eREITs a Good Investment? A review of Fundrise’s platform, investment options and returns. Fundrise – Private Real Estate Investing through eREITs Fundrise is a decade old company focused on opening the commercial real estate market to everyday investors through electronic Real Estate Investment Trusts, or eREITs. REITs are not a new concept. They’re

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